Prayers for Church Services & Other Occasions

These prayers have been written at various times. They are inspired by things seen, read about or just came to mind. For example, looking out the window of my flat late one evening some tractors went by with trailers full of grain. Farmers doing their work of getting the harvest in. The images of the tractors and thoughts of harvest seemed to mean something and sentences about harvest came into my mind.

You will notice there is no ‘Through Jesus Christ our Lord’ at the end. I don’t believe this is needed. If we are trying to do the right thing and working for the general good of all we have sufficient authority ourselves. All prayers are addressed to the ‘Infinite Spirit’ in one way or another; always in mind are the millions of souls who are working with us trying to bring this world into the ‘light’. They are normal people who have returned ‘home’ to where we truly belong. They love us; if we ask in sincerity and love they will do what we ask if that is permissible. Ask and it is given; seek and ye shall find.

These prayers are not set in stone so alter them if you need to; you may find I occasionally alter them myself.

Remember the Healing List (A4 or Letter) to download and print out. Add the names of people or Animals you know who need healing. Spirit can read a healing list wherever it is. It is the thought that matters when you write the name down.


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