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What do Spiritualists Believe? John Hardaker Broadcasting from Beyond A. E. Perriman
The Message Through Lucy Hale Many Mansions (an extract) Lord Dowding 
Look Forward to Death Lord Dowding The Doorway Margaret Vivian
Daybreak Journal - 1885 An Interesting extract from this Journal. Through the Mists (also in Dutch) R. J. Lees
Seven Principles - UK S. N. U. The Life Elysian R. J. Lees
Seven Principles - USA   The Gate of Heaven R. J. Lees
High Flight (poem) John G. Magee The Car of Phoebus R. J. Lees
The Cobbler (an extract) Rev. Vale Owen Pheneas Speaks Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Welcome Home (an extract) Rev. Vale Owen The New Revalation Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sometimes I Wonder (poem) F. J. Lee (Blacksmith) The History of Spiritualism - Volume One Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Ethics of Mediumship Eileen Garrett The History of Spiritualism - Volume Two Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
If I Knew (poem) Not known Spirit Teachings Stainton Moses
The Constructive Use of Feelings (Seminar Notes) Dr. John L. Wallen Ph. D. More Spirit Teachings Stainton Moses
Healing List - A4 size. A blank form to write down the names of people who need healing. John Hardaker Ferry over Jordan Margery Lawrence
Healing List - Letter size. A blank form to write down the names of people who need healing. John Hardaker Fifty Years a Medium Estelle Roberts

Prayers for Church Services.
A selection of prayers on various topics.

John Hardaker The Two Brothers A. F. Webling
    The Way To Life 'The Soldier'


  The Spiritualistic Experiences of a Lawyer Anon
    Airmen who would not die (an extract) John G Fuller
  Christ in You - a small book (advanced) Not known (Communication)
    The Blue Island Communicated by W. T. Stead
    The Ministry of Angels Mrs. Joy Snell (Nurse)
    Private Dowding Wellesley Tudor Pole
    Letters from the Light Elsa Barker
    Life Beyond Death with Evidence - Parts 1 & 2
An interesting book with Questions and Answers
Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas
    Life Here & Hereafter Charlotte E Dresser
    Life in the World Unseen Anthony Borgia
    A Psychic Bedside Book Percy J. Hitchcock
    Golden Thoughts Edward Stephen Tracey
    Gone West: Three Naratives J.S.M. Ward B.A.
    Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde Edited by Hester Travers Smith

The Mediumship of Arnold Clare

Harry Edwards
    The Mediumship of Jack Webber Harry Edwards
    Master Keys of Life & Death Walter Carey
    After Death - Letters from Julia W. T. Stead
    Seth Speaks Jane Roberts
    Silver Birch Anthology Silver Birch spoke in a London Circle
    The Survival of Man Sir Oliver Lodge F.R.S.
    Glimpses of the Next State Vice - Admiral W. Usborne Moore
    Thoughts from the Inner Life D. E. Baily (pub 1886)
    As One Ghost to Another John Scott
    I Lent a Hand to a Ghost John Scott
    Jordan Past F. E. Scatcherd
    Excursions to the Spirit World Frederick C. Sculthorp
    We Are Here

Ludvig Dahl (1864 - 1934 )

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