Kieron's Pictures
Taken with a Digital Camera during January 2001
Kieron will be One Year Old on the 25th January 2001.

Kieron is not very well at the moment. His teeth are hurting and it's making him tired. His face is hot and he is not his usual smiling self.
We are all looking after him cos' we know it's not very nice.
I'm a bit worn out with these teeth coming through. I think I might have a little rest.

You don't mind if I have a little rest do you granddad as you came specially to see me.

If I has a rest now I can play with you before you goes.
  On the other hand I was going to play with these toys that I got for Christmas. I forgot about that when you came in. Perhaps I will have a rest later on. Do you think that will be all right? You can sit there and watch me if you like. You looks real worn out yourself.

Hey! Have you nothing else to do except take pictures with your new 2.1 Mega Pixel, 16 Mb Smartcard, Digital Camera with the 1 to 3 Optical Zoom lens plus 2.5 times digital zoom including the redeye reducing, inbuilt flash, an' all that

Give me a hand here as this one needs the Atomic Booster to get it going and the cat's had it.


Now! If I can just get the hang of this walking I will be off. I'm practicing using this sofa to pull myself up with. I's got to get the legs organised so I don't keep falling over. I've nearly got it.
My mum's dreading the day I can get about on my own as she says 'I will be into everything'. Well, I's got to find out what it's all about haven't I?
That's what I'm here for; to find out what it's all about..



Ere! I thought you was going to give me a lesson in walking? What do you mean you want's a cup of tea?
If you're going in the kitchen get my bottle out of the fridge and warm it up a bit 'cos I don't like it cold. An' while you at it get my biscuits from the cupboard; I could do with a bite on something cause my teeth are giving me real gyp at the moment.
An, another thing, don't be long about it; I can't stan' here all day waiting for you to come back.




This is my mum and she looks after me.


No, it weren't me; I didn't do nothing. Expect it was the cat; she was in here a moment ago.
Don't get thinking of checking my nappy; right embarrassing that is.


Are you going to be long, granddad? It's that sexy bint on the TV an I'm missing the best bits.

My mummy looks nice and I knows people all over the world can see what a lovely mummy I have an I pleased about that.

I loves my Mummy. I loves my Dad as well an he takes good care of me when he's not working.

We all loves each other.

(How time can change things)


This is my Nan. She always makes me a cup of tea when I go to see her. When I get's bigger an can walk whenever I wants a cup of tea I will just go and see my Nan.


Sadly Nan passed to the Higher Life in December, 2006 just before Christmas.She had seen a glimpse of lay ahead so she was not worried about going. We miss her but must not hold her back in her 'new' life in Spirit.

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